Enhancing Koi Pond Health with Waterco’s Innovative Solutions

Fri, 5 Jan 2024

Mr Nguyen’s Tranquil Koi Pond Oasis

Enhancing Koi Pond Health with Waterco’s Innovative Solutions

A thriving koi pond requires meticulous care and the right equipment to maintain optimal water conditions. For Mr Nguyen Hoang Linh in Bao Loc City, Lam Dong province, ensuring the well-being of his prized koi fish was a top priority. This case study delves into how Waterco, in collaboration with Biozyme Vietnam, successfully addressed the challenges faced by Mr Nguyen in maintaining water quality in his koi pond.
Biozyme Vietnam, successfully addressed the challenges faced by Mr Nguyen in maintaining water quality in his koi pond.







Supastream 100 and ASM600 in Mr Nguyen’s pondside


The Importance of a Reliable Filter and Pump
Maintaining the delicate balance of a koi pond involves addressing two critical factors: ammonia (NH3) levels and suspended solids. NH3 is a common byproduct of fish waste, and its accumulation can be detrimental to aquatic life. On the other hand, suspended solids, if not filtered out efficiently, can lead to cloudy water and compromise the overall health of the pond.

Therefore, a high-quality filter and pump system are essential to combat these issues effectively. These components work in tandem to remove impurities, ensuring a clear and healthy environment for the koi.

Waterco’s Entry through Biozyme Vietnam
Biozyme Vietnam, a trusted dealer in water treatment solutions, recognized the specific needs of Mr Nguyen’s koi pond. Understanding the importance of reliable equipment, Biozyme Vietnam recommended Waterco as the ideal partner to address the challenges faced by the customer.








Pressure gauge at the top of ASM600 for monitoring

Waterco Wonders: Unveiling the Mastery of Koi Pond Excellence with ASM600 and Supastream 100
Introducing the ASM600, the linchpin of Mr Nguyen’s koi sanctuary. This engineering marvel seamlessly integrates mechanical and biological filtration within a robust housing, purpose-built for ponds and water gardens. Tasked with proficiently addressing NH3 removal and suspended solids, the ASM600 sets the stage for an optimal environment for Mr Nguyen’s prized koi.

Marked by hydraulic efficiency and meticulously balanced slotted laterals, the ASM600 not only enhances water flow but also elevates filtration, fostering a pond that thrives with health and vibrancy. Crafted with a resilient fibreglass exterior, it surpasses conventional standards, exhibiting resistance to corrosion and stability against UV exposure — ensuring longevity in the demanding koi pond setting where water quality takes precedence.

Moreover, the innovative air-assisted hydraulic backwash stands out as a time-saving feature while aligning seamlessly with eco-conscious practices, contributing to sustainable pond maintenance.

Complementing the ASM600 is the Supastream 100 pump, redefining efficiency in pumping within the koi pond environment. Its impeller and diffuser design maximizes hydraulic output, significantly reducing running time and energy consumption. Crafted with precision engineering and fortified with high-grade materials such as carbon/graphite and 316 stainless steel mechanical seals, the Supastream 100 ensures durability and corrosion protection in the moisture-rich pond atmosphere. Additionally, the inclusion of a secondary pump protection bracket adds an extra layer of security, instilling confidence in Mr Nguyen and reinforcing the longevity of essential pond components.

In summary, the ASM600 and Supastream 100 together form a harmonious synergy, ensuring not just a pond, but a thriving aquatic haven for Mr Nguyen’s esteemed koi.










Crystal-clear waters, thriving koi

Thriving Waters, Happy Customer
The true measure of success lies in customer satisfaction, and in Mr Nguyen’s case, the results speak for themselves. The installed Waterco products effectively addressed the NH3 and suspended solids issues, leading to a visibly healthier and clearer koi pond.

Mr Nguyen expressed his satisfaction with the ASM600 and Supastream 100, emphasizing the noticeable improvement in water quality and the well-being of his koi fish. The ease of maintenance and durability of the Waterco products further added to his contentment.

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