A spick-and-span ablution pool for the community

Wed, 22 Feb 2023

A spick-and-span ablution pool for the community

The need: Keeping the ablution pool clean

An ablution pool is a standard facility one can find in almost every mosque as it is required for performing wudu (purification ritual) before prayer. Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu, similar to all other mosques, has one ablution pool too. However, maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the ablution pool has been a constant challenge for the mosque committee. 

The committee shared that flying insects are always observed around the pool area. Also, due to the near-stagnant condition of the ablution pool and the presence of organic materials in the water body, the pool is prone to algae and microorganism growth.

The solution: Waterco Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter S700 with insect trap, UV steriliser and Hydrostorm 100 pump

After conveying their concerns to water filter dealers, the dealers proposed the Waterco filter system to the mosque committee. 

A unit of Waterco Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter S700 with two Hydrostorm 100 pumps was installed at Masjid Muhammadi for mechanical filtration to remove any impurities and organic materials from the water. Besides, an insect trap and a UV steriliser were added to the filter system to trap flying insects around the ablution pool and kill microorganisms in the water.








Waterco filter system installed at Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu, which consists of a Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter S700, two Hydrostorm 100 pumps, an insect trap and a UV steriliser. 


After a period of observation, the mosque committee are satisfied and happy with the performance of the installed filter system – no longer any insects flying freely around the pool, and the pool water looks crystal clear.
















The ablution pool at Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu

















A Muslim performing wudu before prayer with the ablution pool water


Brief description of the Waterco Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter S700 and Hydrostorm 100

Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter S700
The Waterco Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter S700 is a one-piece vessel wrapped by strands of high-quality fibreglass filament. Some of the unique characteristics of the Waterco Fibreglass Filter include being lightweight, easy to handle and highly durable. Moreover, it requires minimum maintenance, can withstand high-stress levels, is resistant to UV, fire and corrosion and is also non-conductive and weatherproof, making it a superior filter choice for various conditions.

Besides, various filter sizes and mounting options (top-mounted or side-mounted) are available to suit specific facility designs, needs and conditions.

Hydrostorm 100
The Waterco Hydrostorm 100 is a highly efficient and durable pool pump, thanks to the incorporated high-grade SS316 mechanical seal and a secondary protection seal/bracket. The graphite SS316 mechanical seal protects the pump against corrosion from chlorine, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt in water; the secondary protection seal/bracket protects the pump motor by draining any leaks from the worn-out mechanical seal.



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Download: Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu Ablution Pool case study.pdf

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