Saltwater Pools in Malaysia for that Quality Relaxation

Thu, 18 Mar 2021

A delightful yet healthy dip in Saltwater pools

Napoleon Hill once said that, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” As MCO 2.0 is now lifted and vaccination is currently undergoing, we are all hopeful and eagerly waiting for the day to be able to travel wherever we dream our bucket list to, or even for a short vacation just to get out of ‘cabin fever’! Even though travelling abroad is still not an option, we can still make the most of it locally with a staycation, especially when inter-state traveling is allowed! 

Be it a hotel, retreat or even a resort, a staycation is just what you need to unwind and recharge with some me-time tranquillity, particularly when it involves the luxury of a swimming pool. Although we may not be able to sink our feet at an exotic beach, we are still blessed with tropical weather that allows us to be by the pool at all times, swimming us to relaxation. While this all sounds exciting, majority of swimming pool-goers do not actually realise that chlorine tablets from the pool posed its challenges to the human body, especially on the hair, eyes and skin - which is why the option of Saltwater pools have become quite a distinguished feature in itself instead of the traditional chlorine tablet-based pools. 

As chlorine is still the globally-approved sanitiser when it comes to swimming pools, chlorine is needed in order to certify as safe for human usage. Saltwater pools are somewhat similar to the usual swimming pools in which that saltwater pools do produce chlorine; however, this chlorine derives from the salt itself which makes it more natural as compared to the normal chlorinated pool, where it gets its chlorine from chlorine tablets. To ensure that it is a pure chlorinated saltwater pool, a salt chlorinator is utilised to convert salt into chlorine gas which will then dissolve into the water and becomes the chlorine that we know. With this chlorine being 100% natural, saltwater pools are gentler to our skin, eyes and hair (yay!) and has now become a trend of preference for those with asthma for healthy breathing or allergies, as salt water is softer to the skin. 

Because of the revitalising benefits it brings, some hotels, resorts and even homeowners have opted for saltwater pools over chlorine tablet-based pools thanks to the skin-friendly factors and its natural ability to help one soothe their body while in the pool. Fun fact: the type of salt being used for the pool is imperative as well to maintain the water chemistry and remain clean with soothing properties for your skin! For example, Mineral Crystal is a form of Magnesium salt that not only improves pool water with a blend of naturally occurring minerals, but it also moisturises your skin when you’re in the pool. 


To get some of those revitalising benefits while also have an inspiring staycation of your own, here are some Saltwater pool options located around Klang Valley for your consideration to visit!

1. Four Seasons Hotel - Kuala Lumpur

If you are residing within the city and in need of a quick getaway without the hassle of traveling long-distance, the sophisticated Four Seasons Hotel is right up your alley - a sanctuary right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur to consider for a divine splash that your soul needs. Located at Jalan Ampang, this luxurious hotel has one of the most outstanding saltwater pools and a stunning view of the illustrious Petronas Twin Tower to boot – making it the most Instagram-worthy image with the right pampering session. With a saltwater pool like the Four Seasons, stress will immediately leave the body, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and let the saltwater do its natural healing thing – relaxation is now on point!

Ease the body and mind by the Four Seasons Hotel pool

After soaking up on all the natural goodness, let your eyes see more of the natural light and glow of the sunset, this will put a zenful end to your day!

2. The Gardens Hotel – A St Giles Signature Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

If your ideal me-time starts with retail shopping at your favourite brands, indulging in your favourite international cuisines at your own leisure time, ending with a much-needed relaxing dip in a pool, a staycation at The Gardens Hotel is just what you need! Located right in the middle of Midvalley City, The Gardens Hotel is the perfect venue for anyone who wants to take a break to catch-up on all their favourite activities without having to worry about parking, as the hotel is just right in the mall itself!

With all that shopping and feasting, a comfortable and relaxing dip in the pool is the perfect cure to rest your feet from all the sores of walking. Apart from the fact that this hotel pool is a saltwater pool (the smell of chlorine begone if you’re sensitive to it!), you do not have to worry about kids disturbing the peace too much, as The Gardens Hotel has both an adult pool and a kids pool. To add a cherry on top, the pool is also an infinity-sized pool, which means you can enjoy every quadrant of the pool without having to worry about swimming to another’s lane. If you are in the mood, you can also do a couple of laps before calling it a day!

The Infinity pool at The Gardens Hotel


3. Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur

It goes without saying that children love pools! However, it is difficult to leave them alone in it as there are a myriad of things that may go wrong: kids accidentally swallowing the chlorinated chemicals, losing their goggles as they swim causing their eyes to be red, or even being stuck at the deep end! As parents, is it natural that your mind will always wonder to them, leaving yourself to not have the luxury of time at the pool. 

This majestic hotel in Jalan Sultan Ismail with a 1.2m hotel and 0.6m depth kids pool would be the ideal getaway for the family! Like all saltwater pools, your mind can be at ease knowing your kids will not hurt their eyes in the water nor have their skin react poorly towards the chemicals. Additionally, you can be certain that your children will enjoy themselves as the kids pool has eight water jets for the younglings to maximise their imaginations.

Enjoy your me-time at the pool without having to worry about the kids at The Concorde Hotel

While kids are all smiles and giggles, this is the perfect time for parents to chill in the adult pool and catch up on much-needed alone time with one another. Should the kids get hungry after all that playing, they can easily dine at the poolside bar while you watch from a comfy distance inside the pool.

Whether it is a fun time with the family or alone, these are just several Saltwater pool options you can explore in Klang Valley. Although MCO has been lifted and pools are allowed to operate again, there are still hesitance among all whether it’s safe or hygienic to even dip your toes in the pool. Rest assured, most hotel and resort pools are equally concerned for the safety of their guests – ensuring that it’s well-maintained and kept with the SOPs before allowing anyone in the pool, while also adopting efficient products from proven established sources to continuously filter and clean the water. For example, most of the hotels mentioned here actually installed an energy-saving filtration and sanitisation system by Waterco Malaysia, leading one-stop solution provider for safe and healthy water Environment Company and the only filtration company that obtained the Climate Care Certification. These filters and sanitisation system are important to preserve the cleanliness of the water, while balancing out the pH level of the salt and chlorine to keep the pool clean, safe and hygienic as you swim.

With these selections of saltwater pools in Klang Valley that are perfect for your own getaway, there’s no excuse not to book one of these attractive hotels just to have a relaxing soak in it after a hard day of work!

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