Zane marks 50 years in business on World Sun Day

Thu, 2 May 2024

Zane marks 50 years in business on World Sun Day

Supporting Australia's mission to become a renewable energy superpower


3 May 2024 — Sydney, Australia — Zane Solar Pool Heating, a subsidiary of Waterco Limited (ASX:WAT) is commemorating its 50th anniversary this year, marking a significant milestone in providing solar pool heating solutions in the region.

Starting in 1974 selling its Gulfstream system in Sydney with a handful of installers, the company now has a nationwide dealer network comprised of 36 solar professionals installing and servicing hundreds of Zane solar pool heating installations each year.

"Long before the terms 'carbon footprint' and 'eco-friendly' became commonplace, Zane was harnessing the natural energy of the sun so homeowners could extend their swimming season without harming the environment," says the Zane Solar and Heating Manager Adam Shelley. "Thanks to its uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency, the company is now synonymous with the Australian pool industry - and a beacon of sustainability."

Pioneering the solar energy movement during the 1970s Energy Crisis, Zane initially focused on solar pool heating, a novel concept at the time. The foresight of Waterco and its early commitment to sustainability, laid the foundation for a business that would prosper for decades.

"It only took four years for Zane to reach international acclaim when, in 1978, it received an Australian Design Award,"Shelley explains. "The following year, it was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Prince Phillip Design Award."


World Sun Day

Starting in 1994 to shine the spotlight on renewable energy resources, Shelley says World Sun Day is an important call to action, a reminder to the world of solar power's potential for a sustainable future.

"World Sun Day serves as a reminder of the immense potential of solar power in building a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future for generations to come,"he explains.

As Zane celebrates its 50th anniversary, it stands not just as a successful Australian business, but as a testament to sustainable innovation.

"From the early days of solar pool heating to today's advanced solar systems, the company continues to light the way for renewable energy in Australia while helping homeowners heat their swimming pool in the most environmentally friendly way,"says Shelley.


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