Commercial Strainer

The Waterco Hydro 5000 Series is a high performance, self-priming commercial pump. Especially designed for aquatic facilities, water parks and large commercial swimming pools, the Hydro 5000 series pump is offered in four sizes. The pump has an enclosed bronze impeller which allows for quiet operation and excellent flow. All pumps have standard 6”x 4” A.N.S.I. flange connections.

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The Hyrdostorm Plus has all the proven features of the Hydrostorm with the added benefit of an innovative lid and lock ring for easier maintenance and a larger capacity strainer basket for increased capacity.

  • Self-Priming Feature
  • All Bronze Impeller
  • 4” Discharge and 6” Suction A.N.S.I. flanges
  • Available with 7 1/2, 10, 15 and 20 HP motors
  • Supplied with 1/8” tk. Neoprene gaskets
  • Available with single or 3 phase motors (71/2 HP only)
  • Available in 50 Hz upon request
  • All items are Epoxy Coated for superior corrosion resistance

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