Man in Aewol Resort (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Monday, 06th May 2019

Sparkling pool water for resort swimming pools
Man in Aewol Resort (Jeju Island, South Korea)

"..guests can now enjoy crystal clear pool water throughout the year,
while maintenance staff can spend more time attending to the lush gardens than cleaning the pool."



Setting: South Korean island resort
Set on the island of Jeju, one of South Korea’s nine provinces, lies Man in Aewol Resort, a luxurious and well-appointed holiday destination in the middle of the Korea Strait.

The resort boasts two fully tiled swimming pools : (a) the 15m3 Infinite Garden Hydroxypure Pool and (b) the 130m3 Imperial Garden Pool. Surrounded by lush landscaping and ocean views, both pools include all the quality attributes you would expect from a high-end resort: wet edges and spillways, frameless glass fencing, and timber decks where guests can relax and soak up the sunshine.

Challenge (1) 130m3 Imperial Garden Pool: Better water clarity with Glass pearls media, easy to maintain saving time & water, and hard-wearing pool products.











Water clarity was superior compared to sand media.


The Hando Institute, which specializes in constructing aquatic installations including theme parks and water features, designed and built both pools. It wanted to create exceptional water clarity for resort guests with a reliable 24-hour filtration system. Also, it was important that the products were affordable, easy to maintain, and hard-wearing.











Micron fibreglass filters embody the latest in fibreglass   winding technology.


Hando wanted to achieve three objectives with the resort pools:
1.    Improve clarity of the resort’s pool water
2.    Provide a better alternative to sand filter media
3.    Reduce filter media maintenance

Solution: Glass pearls media on continuous filtration was able to achieve water quality down to 3 micron. Water clarity was superior compared to sand media (at 30 micron). The Multicyclone 70XL pre-filtration device which removed 80% of dirt load before filter plus the easier backwashing of spherical shape Glass pearls have resulted an easier maintenance that saves time and water.






Waterco’s Glass Pearls are manufactured from 100% pure glass and offer much finer filtration than conventional filter media.


Products used at Imperial Garden Pool
•    1 x MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter 70XL
•    2 x Hydrostar MKIII 600 3Ph 60 Hz pumps (one spare)
•    2 x SMD900 Micron Commercial Fibreglass Filters (parallel)
•    1 x Glass Pearls Filter Media
•    1 x Britestream SLIM165 Pool Light (and other accessories











A revolution in pool filtration, MultiCyclone 70X is a brilliant per-filtration
device that work on the basis of centrifugal water filtration.


Challenge (2) 15m3 Infinite Garden Hydroxypure pool: To achieve an effective and safe pool sanitation with Hydroxypure system for skin sensitive swimmers without the repulsive chlorine odour.

•    “We have been serving pool systems from design of the pools to installation and after sales for many years and the traditional method of pool sanitization had always been chlorine, using either chlorine chemicals or chlorinators,” explains Hando General Manger, Mr Jeff Jung.
•    “However, when chlorine is used, it has a distinctive smell, especially for indoor pools, and it can cause skin troubles for people with sensitivity.”
•    After learning about Waterco’s Hydroxypure chlorine-free system, the water care specialists at Hando were convinced they could maintain hygienic pool water without chlorine’s nasty side effects.

Hando wants to achieve objectives below.
-    An effective and safe system for pool sanitation without chlorine.
-    Good water clarity at all times.
-    Easy to maintain and at reasonable cost.

Solution: Hydroxypure system created a chlorine-free swimming pool, fully enriched with oxygen. This is fantastic news for those looking for a healthy alternative to chlorine. With no odours or taste, it’s soft and gentle to the skin and no shower is needed after swimming.










A chlorine free, oxygen enriched swimming pool that’s soft  and gentle on the skin. No shower required after swimming.  Just like a refreshing swim in a natural spring.


In fact, without needing any costly or time-consuming modifications, Hando was able to easily install the following Waterco products:

Infinite Garden Hydroxypure Pool
•    1 x Hydroxypure system
•    1 x Hydrostorm 200 1Ph 60Hz pump
•    1 x SM700 Micron Commercial Fibreglass Filter
•    1 x Glass Pearls Filter Media
•    1 x Britestream SLIM165 Pool Light (and other accessories)


Conclusion: Healthy pool water that is soft on skin and beautiful to swim in










Great news for swimmers! The Hydroxypure system is the only water sanitisation system, which is endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia and approved for inclusion in its Sensitive Choice® program.



BriteStream LED lights utilizes energy efficient super bright LEDs and
now integrates the new BritelLux diffuser Lens.



Thanks to Waterco, Man in Aewol Resort guests can now enjoy crystal clear pool water throughout the year, while maintenance staff can spend more time attending to the lush gardens than cleaning the pool.

“Waterco products successfully met our requirements for the resort pools and Hydroxypure added further value to the healthy pool sanitization system,” explains Jeff Jung. “This provides an element of wellbeing for resort guests while providing crystal clear water with the help of Glass Pearls Filter Media. “Also, Waterco provided adequate training and support throughout the launch of the system in Korea.” Said Jeff.


Download: korea-jeju-island-case-study-web.pdf