Waterco launches proprietary pool water analysis software into the cloud

Mon, 17 Dec 2018

Waterco Group Marketing Director Bryan Goh says its Poolware water analysis software, which calculates chemical interactions and diagnoses the condition of the water, has been operating in Swimart pool and spa stores across Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years in a desktop format.

“Rather than purchasing or licensing existing cloud-based software, we decided that it was in our best interest to own the intellectual property and create something that would give us a unique point of difference in the industry.” In 2017 Waterco redeveloped its Poolware desktop software from the ground up and launched it into the cloud in 2018. Being cloud-based software, the application can be accessed from the phone, tablet, computer or any device that have access to the internet.

It integrates with Swimart’s point of sale software, minimising data entry and simplifying processes for both the user and the customer to help avoid data duplication. It also provides a 360-degree view of customer’s transactions, water testing activity, and service history.

“It is optimised to be more precise and customisable as it calculates interactions of pool chemicals and its combined effect,” Bryan explains. “For example, the addition of acid affects pH levels as well as alkalinity.

There is the option of the addition of customer observations such as cloudy water, green pool and bather comfort to help staff with troubleshooting. Pool service staff are also in control of which chemical recommendations are printed on the water test sheet and remove what they believe is not necessary.

A service scheduling module was also developed to help store managers to allocate and schedule tasks to pool technicians. In the field, the technician can easily keep track of his/her task as they are updated by the store manager.

  • Integration with Palintest and Water Link pool water testing photometers
  • Customer database, that includes customer’s relevant details, complete pool profile that includes all water test history.
  • Data is securely stored and easily accessible via multiple search parameters.

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